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    What Does Portland’s Flag Mean?

    I’m sure every resident of Portland has seen it at least one hundred times. Flying high and mighty over the crowds at a local Timbers soccer match. Dotting the entrance of bike lanes. Fluttering in the wind over city hall. Stuck proudly to the back of car bumpers and text books. It’s the green blue and gold Portland flag.

    Timbers Game

    Despite its prominence in Portland pop culture however, how many of us truly know what it is meant to symbolize?

    Well folks, I’m about to tell ya!

    Portland’s flag was designed by noted artist and longtime Portland resident R. Douglas Lynch (who sadly passed away in 2009). The green field of the flag stands for forests and the environmentally “green” philosophy of the City of Roses. Yellow reflects agriculture and commerce. Blue is meant to symbolize the two great rivers that touch the city’s borders, the Columbia and the Willamette.

    As an added piece of trivia one could easily use to impress your friends, official Portland city ordinance dictates the flag should measure three feet high and five feet wide. Obviously this is more of a guideline as opposed to an official rule.

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