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1. Real Estate Expertise

At Portland Lifestyle Team we are EXPERTS in the field of real estate. No room for the mediocre, we hire the best so you receive the best representation.

Most Realtors try to be “everything real estate” to their clients. In a profession where only 10% of those entering are even in the business a year later, how at risk are you in hiring the wrong agent? At Portland Lifestyle Team we individually specialize. Our team member work solely with either buyer or sellers, they don’t do both. We believe this allows us to develop true experts who’s primary interest is in representing you effectively. Look, if you are having chest pains we probably can’t help you but we’ll refer you to a great cardiologist. On the other hand, would you ask your cardiologist for real estate advice or would you seek out a true expert. Exactly, that’s our point.

2. Professionalism in Our Profession

Being professional is important to us. We want our clients to believe they have chosen the right team of professionals to represent them from the moment we first meet. At Portland Lifestyle Team we are professional and because of that, you can have the confidence you deserve in knowing the job is being done right.

We believe being professional begins with looking professional. Look, first impressions count. A professional who doesn’t take the time to maintain a professional appearance presents the image of not being able to perform professionally on the job. In addition, all of our agents have chosen real estate as their full time career, there are no part timers here. We recognize our role is to represent your interest in one of the most important and complex financial transactions you will ever make, the purchase or sale of your home. We do not take this responsibility lightly and because of this, the concept of Constant and Never Ending Improvement is fully employed with the team.

3. Teamwork and Collaboration

When you work with one of our experts you really work with the whole team. We take teamwork seriously and know the intrinsic nature of any team is to collaborate as one to benefit the whole

The real estate profession has evolved significantly over time. Many companies encourage sharing of ideas and expertise which is great. However, at the end of the day, those agents are in fact true competitors and there is always a reservation in possibly sharing too much. At Portland Lifestyle Team, sharing is natural because we no not compete with each other. When the individual succeeds the team succeeds. This is simply how we roll. It works and you benefit because of that.

4. 5 Star Customer Experience

Customer Service is such a misunderstood concept. At Portland Lifestyle Team we insist that every aspect of the real estate process needs to be an absolute pleasure for you. Our 5-Star service pledge governs our entire organization and if we are not hitting the mark, we want to hear from you.

What is our goal here at Portland Lifestyle Team for 5-Star Service? Simply put: 1. We pledge to be powerful communicators. 2. We pledge to be completely honest. 3. We pledge to be focused listeners. 4. We pledge to be technology leaders. 5. We pledge to never stop learning and growing. It’s this service that sets us apart from our competition and its this service that will impress your sox off.

5. Technology Driven

Technology has become critically important to all of us in all facets of our lives. The bottom line is technology helps us to be more efficient, more effective and more productive in helping you meet your goals.

At Portland Lifestyle Team we fully embrace a paperless environment. Understand, that is difficult to do in such a paper driven profession. We have found though that being paperless makes us far more efficient and further allows us to deliver an experience most other Realtors fail to even understand.

6. Fun

Simply said, if you are not having fun with what you do, then move on and find something new.

Fun is a way of life in our work environment as well as our personal lives. We know that laughter is contagious and having a good time is just plain important.

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